TGIM Episode 9


This is the TGIM Episode 9 video. Welcome to another edition of TGIM “Thank God it’s Monday” it’s your boy E.T look I want to send a shout out to everybody out there in TGIM land. Listen to me, episode eight man in two days we went to over two hundred that means not only you watching it but you sending it out to all your peeps so mad shout man I just thank everybody, I thank everybody for tuning in. My apologies but today I gotta speak to the young lady I don’t know her name but she emailed me and said “E.T I’m loving TGIM but I really didn’t understand what you meant by the greatest common denominator” so I know I gotta two hundred of y’all watching this today but do me a huge favor –just give me this episode (TGIM Episode 9) to speak to this young lady.

TGIM Episode 9

Alright so I did my homework, I did my research because I thought I explained it real good last week so I went through everything and I’m just gonna be real with you. When I looked it over and did all my homework the only explanation I could come up with for the greatest common denominator is “It’s your fault.” Yup you heard what I said, it’s your fault –that’s what it means, the greatest common denominator just means “It’s your fault” and when it’s your fault you have to take responsibility. This is the lesson of TGIM Episode 9.

Now I wanna say this because I don’t want anybody to feel like I’m minimizing their experience perhaps you’ve been physically abused right? You’ve been mentally abused right? You might even be verbally abused I don’t know, you’ve been lied on, cheated you know, I don’t know alright? But what I do know is this, that anytime we are part of the problem we’re part of the solution and I said that last week. So I just wanna get this straight, the greatest common denominator means it’s our fault but here’s the beautiful thing, if it’s our fault then it means we could do something about it. So I got three things I wanna share with you young lady, three quick principles in TGIM Episode 9 to get from your fault to your greatest success that you’ve ever experienced before –check out the three.

TGIM Episode 9 Principles

TGIM Episode 9

Principle number one, and you gotta promise me alright, you gotta promise me because if you can learn principle number one of TGIM Episode 9 I guarantee you that you’ll get to whatever level of success you’re trying to get to. So principle number one, this is a promise –you gotta promise me you will never ever play the blame game again. That’s right you will take the word “I blame you” out of your vocabulary alright? I know it’s difficult why because it’s easy to blame because this is what happens when you blame somebody else you don’t have to take responsibility. As long as it’s somebody else’s fault then you don’t have to do the work alright? But I want to encourage you that even though you get a get out of jail free card when you blame somebody else, the reality is you are no close to success. That’s right you are no closer to your dreams, when you blame somebody else you automatically freeze yourself alright? You trap yourself in that same reality but when you can get beyond the point of blaming somebody else –making it somebody else’s fault and you can take responsibility, I’m telling you that’s the first key in being successful.

So you gotta do me a favor please stop blaming and take full responsibility. I want you to say something to yourself right? I don’t care if there’s six people involved, I don’t care if there’s five people involved –at the end of the day what I want you to day is “It’s my fault.” That’s right if you played any part of it, I want you to say “it’s my fault” why? Because if you have the courage, if you got the guts to say “It’s my fault” then you also have the courage and the guts to do something about it and bring about change.

So number one do me a favor, no blaming alright? You heard it said before when you point one finger at somebody, you point three back to yourself and so no more blaming, take full responsibility, say it’s my fault and get to success.

TGIM Episode 9 Lessons

TGIM Episode 9 Lessons

Alright I’m gonna do this a little different, I’m gonna give you principle number three then we’re gonna go back to principle number two of TGIM Episode 9. Y’all know how I do, I do that all the time so principle number three and this is one of the reasons why we like to blame other people because when we take full responsibility guess what? It hurts, that’s right it hurts when we take full responsibility there’s some pain involved right? But we gotta get over it, which is principle number two “Stop running” alright? I need you to stop running, say it’s my fault, take responsibility so that you can move on and I’m gonna be real I don’t know how many of you guys are like me but often times when it gets heated man when I was younger and it got heated, I liked to run. As a matter of fact, you heard my story that’s why left home at 16 years old, that’s why I was a high school dropout and homeless at the age of 16 because whenever it got tough, whenever it got hard, whenever it got difficult I took flight and many of you today you on your third marriage, you on your second divorce why? Because every time something gets hard you run, that’s right you should be finished with school right now, you should be working on your masters, or your PHD but every time it gets hard, every time it gets tough instead of manning up or being a women and attacking it and saying “It’s my fault” and dealing with it, you run.

So principle number two in this video of TGIM Episode 9 is this, if you want to reach a level of success that you have never experienced before, you gotta stop running from the problem, you gotta stop running from it and run to it because your success is on the other side of the problem. That’s right you heard what I said, your success is on the other side of the pain. This is my final principle and listen to me very carefully, the last one is it’s painful. I know it’s going to hurt a little bit but take it quickly and move on. I never forget I as in college –hey this is to you David Tropher, my boy David Tropher he came up to me after failing writing, basic writing for the second time and he said “Eric man, you just gotta be real with yourself you keep failing because you’re not a good reader and you’re not a good writer and what we need to do is stop running from it and deal with it. You can’t keep taking the class over and think something’s gonna change” remember our key phrase “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over” expecting different results.

TGIM Episode 9 Insanity

TGIM Episode 9 Eric Thomas

So David got me a book, we start reading the book every single day we would read the book –David would read one page out loud then I would read the second page out loud but watch this, it was painful because in addition to all my other school work, I had some additional work that I had to do but guess what man not only did I read –David made me take full responsibility. I love you Tropher, he made me take full responsibility so not only did we read the book, when David would see me walking through the school he’ll say “E.T! Give me the words you learned!” I said “I learned the word ‘Obstinate’” there was a character named obstinate in the book –he said “That’s not good enough, spell it and don’t just spell it, I want to know how many syllables” I said “obstinate, it’s three. O-b-s-t-i-n-a-t-e, I got it obstinate” he said “That’s not enough Eric what does it mean?” I said “I got it Dave it’s characterized by inflexible persistence, I got it” he says “Put it in a word” I said “David is trying to help me to be a better reader and writer but Eric is obstinate.” You heard what I said, it was painful, it hurt but as soon as I stopped running from it and dealt with it head on –not only did I pass the class, I passed the class with an A.

TGIM Episode 9 Common Denominator

TGIM Episode 9 Ericthehiphoppreacher

So listen to me very carefully, in short common denominator means “You’re at fault” but that’s okay, it’s alright to be at fault. Admit it, “I’m at fault” because as soon as you deal with it, you can overcome it.

Hey this is you boy E.T with another TGIM, thanks for tuning in and I’ll see you next Monday.

Tune in next week for another video like TGIM Episode 9

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