TGIM Episode 8


Thanks for tuning in to TGIM Episode 8. What up to my TGIM family, how you doing? It’s your boy E.T -hey real quick I gotta give a shoutout number one to my homie in Canada that sent me an email saying “Thank you for motivating me all the way from Canada” then I wanna thank the Persian dude from Sweden –hey good looking out. Once again I got something real hot for you in TGIM Episode 8, something special for you on another edition of TGIM so stay tuned I got three principles coming for you and if you wanna reach a level of success you’ve never reached before then you better thank god it’s Monday! Get ready for an eye opener edition of TGIM Episode 8.

TGIM Episode 8

I’m at a point where I’m starting to –forgive my French, where I’m starting to get pissed off alright? Listen to me, I got people emailing and calling me with the same ‘old same ‘ol. I told you after episode one and episode two “You are not a victim” alright? You are not a victim, now if it was episode one, episode two, episode three even maybe I could understand but we’re at episode eight and I still have people calling me and acting like you’re a victim. This is TGIM Episode 8 so get your stuff together or go back and review.

Principle number one in TGIM Episode 8 is “You are not a victim” life is –so you’re saying “E.T bad things don’t happen to good people?” Yes bad things happen to good people alright? Let me give you an example alright? Because like I said, I’m starting to get a little upset here and I’m getting upset because you don’t understand to reach a certain level of success is not about what happens to you but it’s about how you handle what happens to you. Listen, in the midst of being one of the greatest athletes ever –lance Armstrong found out he had cancer get it? Bad things happen to good people but did Lance Armstrong quit? No he went to chemotherapy and not only won one “Tour De France” but multiple “Tour De France” –people I need you to get this, bad things do happen to good people. We do get set back as we’re trying to reach our goals but the reality is Oprah Winfrey was told at that time “She was cosmetically challenged.” That’s right, they told Oprah Winfrey bottom line “You too ugly to be on TV” so guess what instead of quitting she created her own network.

TGIM Episode 8 Levels of Success

TGIM Episode 8

Don’t you get it? Listen to me, if you want to reach a certain level of success, you gotta understand that life is not about what happens to good people, success is about what good people do in difficult situations. So you gotta do me a favor, you gotta stop talking like you a victim, you gotta stop talking about what happens to you and you gotta start talking about what you do. Now forgive me for getting a little you know, I’m getting a little emotional here in TGIM Episode 8, I know but the reason why I’m getting so emotional is because I was just where you were. That’s right at 17 years old I was a high school dropout, I was homeless and one night at about three o’clock in the morning I found myself in jail. Okay, we’re not gonna get into the details of what I was doing in jail but just know this; I realize when I got to jail “I’m not jail material.” At 17 years old, I’m gonna say it again, I’m gonna say it slower I was a high school dropout, I was homeless and I was in jail. You know what happen to me that night? I man I had an epiphany that night, you know I sat there and thought about it and when I first got there you know “it was my mother’s fault” that’s right I blamed it on my mother. I had a victim’s mentality “If my mother didn’t get pregnant when I was in high school, if my daddy had been in my life maybe if I had grown up with both of my parents and I started with a silver spoon in my mouth I wouldn’t be in this situation” but I thought about it “You are in this situation.” The question is not what are you in but what are you going to do and I had victim’s mentality I’ll be honest you know what I said? I said “If the teacher who kicked me out wouldn’t of kicked me out of school maybe I wouldn’t be up at three o’clock in the morning because I would be in bed getting ready for school” but at the end of the day when I thought about it jail, high school dropout and homeless, it came to me. “You know what Eric? You are the common denominator. The police officer doesn’t know your mother, your mother doesn’t know the police officer, the teacher doesn’t know the police officer and the police officer doesn’t know your momma. Guess what? You are the greatest common denominator, everybody knows you.” So guess what stop talking about you’re a victim and start acting like a victor got it?

TGIM Episode 8 Stop Crying and Get Over It

TGIM Episode 8 Responsibility

So principle number one in TGIM Episode 8 is life is not what happens to you, it’s how you respond to it. So my question to you today in TGIM Episode 8 is yup you might not like your husband get over it you’re married him right? You might be saying my husband’s a jerk, my wife’s a witch –ain’t nothing you can do about it right now. So this is what I need you to do for me, I nedd you to stop whining, I need you to stop complaining, I need you to stop trippin’, you’re not a victim you’re a victor and you do something about your situation. You need to stop crying over spilled milk and you need to look at where you are and you need to put a plan of action together and say “How am I going to handle this difficulty.” Oprah did it, Lance Armstrong did it, Eric Thomas did it and now I challenge you to do it.

Principle number two of TGIM Episode 8, now I’ll be honest I kinda talked about principle number two a little bit and to be real honest, principle two should have been principle number one. Principle number two of TGIM Episode 8 is “Take responsibility”, I got that twisted don’t take responsibility for your actions and your responses –take “Full responsibility” of your actions and your responses. Now you gotta hear what I’m saying because I don’t want you to think I’m this mean hard nosed dude because I’m not. I’m not telling you to take responsibility for the things that happen that you don’t have any control of –that’s not what I’m asking you to do but what I am saying is that the part of the problem that has your name written on it “Take full responsibility” for that part. There are some things in life you can’t do anything about, you can’t do anything about the fact that you know the boss doesn’t like you, you can’t do a thing about it if your teacher doesn’t like you right? But I’m telling you today that if you don’t like your physical look, if you don’t feel good about who you are MOVE, get some gym shoes, tie your laces and get to running. You heard what I said, if you don’t like your weight stop whining and complaining take responsibility –eat less, workout and do me a favor for all those teachers out there, my principles out there for example you know you got issues with anger management and you trying to overcome, the next time a parent comes up to the school and cuss you out I don’t want you to say “E.T you don’t get! E.T she made me cuss her out. That’s right she made me do it” listen to me, as difficult as it may sound nobody made you do it alright? As difficult as it may sound, nobody made you do it you have complete control when you take full responsibility of your actions.

TGIM Episode 8 Take Full Responsibility

TGIM Episode 8 Video

The reason why I’m telling you to take full responsibility in TGIM Episode 8 is because the level of success that I am now experiencing I did not experience when I didn’t take full responsibility alright? When I was a high school dropout make sure you catch what I said –when I was a high school dropout before I got my GED I took full responsibility, before I got the four year degree, before I got the master’s degree are you hearing what I’m saying? Before all these things happened they were never activated, the success was never activated because I didn’t take responsibility alright? “It was my mother’s fault, it was my father who wasn’t in my life’s fault, it was my father who raised me fault” it was always somebody elses responsibility but Eric Thomas. So I’m telling you “Take full responsibility for your actions” at the end of the day your success starts with you, at the end of the day if you are a failure it starts and it begins with you and so if there’s something about yourself you do not like –listen to me we all have situations, if there’s something in life that you do not like, you’re not excited about, perhaps it’s your academics do something about it. Get a tutor, get with a study group, change your major I’m not sure what it is. Listen to me if there’s something about your job that you don’t like, quit your job and get a new one, fill out a resume or develop some better skills –I’m not a hundred percent sure alright? Build a better relationship with your boss or your colleagues I don’t know but what I’m saying to you that in life you can only reach a certain level of success when you take full responsibility.

TGIM Episode 8 Confessions

TGIM Episode 8 Confessions

As I conclude TGIM Episode 8, listen to me I need you to do me a favor we gonna add something new, that’s right we’re gonna add a new segment Thank God It’s Monday and it’s called confessions alright? I need you to confess this out of your mouth alright? This is it, if you confess this out of your mouth today will be the first day of a brand new beginning for your life and so what I want you to say out of your mouth is “I am not a victim.” Come on, come one bring it in, say it with me “Eric, I am not a victim of my circumstance” say it again “I am not a victim of my circumstance but I will take full responsibility for all my actions and my responses today.” That’s right, even if I cussed them out, even if I eat that chocolate cake that I said I wasn’t gonna eat this is all I need you to do for me –I need you to confess with your mouth “I am not a victim of my circumstances, I will take full responsibility of every action and every response” and finally listen to me carefully, if you wanna change any aspect of your life you gotta change your thinking.

If you wanna change any area of your life, you must start by changing the way you think. Once again this is your boy E.T with another Thank God it’s Monday, I’ll see you next Monday and remember you are not a victim, you’re a victor and if you can look up –you can get up, please keep your head up.

stay tuned for more motivational clips like TGIM Episode 8.

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