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TGIM Episode 4 if finally here. Welcome to another edition of Thank God it’s Monday, I know you’re probably telling yourself “I came Monday, Eric you weren’t there where are you?” We’re on a beautiful campus of UMASS, that’s right home of Marcus Camby, so we’re here –my theme for today “Are you living or are you just existing?” So do me a favor, like I said it’s a special edition of TGIM Episode 4 so what we’re gonna do is we’re going to go inside the field house I’ll be training about seventy coaches and what we are going to do is draw on three points from our session inside. Alright, come with me.

TGIM Episode 4

TGIM Episode 4 is a special edition because Eric is teaching at UMASS. I was in Jersey a couple weeks ago training some teachers and I wanted to remind them of 9 11 and I leave you with this: One of the things I know many of us got an opportunity to watch 9 11 and I had a friend of mines for whatever reason was watching the news. She called me and I couldn’t believe it and by the time I turned it on we had the second plane on that crashed and we know that was a terrible moment in America’s history. But I drew some lessons from that particular day and one of the things that stuck me –and I know here at UMASS you know you guys are already there but I just want to challenge you and push you. So keep the lessons you’ll learn from TGIM Episode 4 written down for a rainy day.

The thing that stuck me is the smoke and I don’t know if you guys watched it but there was so much smoke and debris and while you had individuals who were running out for safety, you had these firefighters and all these public servants who for whatever reason and I’m sure they had families, some were about to retire, they were close to retirement, probably had a wonderful life going while everyone else was running out of the building, they ran in.

I don’t know if you didn’t catch it but that was amazing to me that while people were jumping out of the building like for their lives, you had guys who were running in and knowing the risk that “If I run in this building there’s a great chance I’ll never see my family again. I’ll never see my wife again; I could die as I’m running.” But they kept running in grabbing people, bringing them out and some didn’t make it out. So I say to us that there’s going to be some situations here, there’s gonna be some young people who are really going through it, it’s going to take a lot of sacrifice but some of us we gotta run in while everyone else is running out.

Like while everyone else is abandoning them; mom, dad. Uncle’s, grandparents “look you’re not going to be anything, this is your last chance and we know you’ll go up there you gonna blow it when you go up there and you gonna be back home.”
When everybody else is saying “We cannot go in there” somebody’s gotta be willing to say “We’re going in and getting it” and I’m proud to say that I’m not just talking but I practice what I preach because I’m at that university every single day when economically I can be doing something else but every time I feel like giving up and quitting.

TGIM Episode 4 Keep to It

TGIM Episode 4

You guys may not understand but the economy hit Michigan rough, when we lost GM Chrysler and Ford they’re firing people at Michigan State every single day. I mean financially, Detroit is like little Afghanistan, it is unbelievable economically what has happened to our state. So our people are moving to New York, people are moving to Texas, people are going everywhere saying “Man we gotta get out of Michigan while we can” there are a few of us saying “We can’t leave these students behind.”
We cannot leave these students behind, they need us and if we leave they’re not gonna have anything. So I’m saying there are a few of you in the room, when everybody is going out I need you to continue going in. Where everybody else is like “you know what, this guy he’s giving fifty chances” look throw your hands up I want you to do the fifty first for me.

The second one in TGIM Episode 4 that I love is that these individuals were committed. They were committed to the job, they made no excuses and sometimes I hear people come to work and they you know “Eric, its Monday I don’t want to be here, I don’t like this place and there are some things going on” and I have to remind individuals that “You made a commitment.”
Nobody put you in chains and forced you to come to work every day –you made a commitment to be here and because you made a commitment to be here, I just come from the old school my father who raised me his theme was “Son you may not be the best but leave everything on the floor.” You put a hundred and twenty percent, if you get a C out of your class I want to know you went to tutoring, that you met with the professor, you did your homework, everything you could possibly do you did it. All I’m asking for when I leave, I’m just asking do a hundred and twenty bring a hundred and twenty.

Many of you were athletes; you work in an athletic department –a hundred and twenty percent, every day when you come in, a hundred and twenty. There’s something about when you put a hundred and twenty percent in when you’re energetic it’s like fire –a wildfire, it just catches on and when people see your enthusiasm, when people see your pride, when people see you want to be here and you want to make a change, that you are a change, that you’re not afraid to rethink some things you thought before and that you to are in the process of learning.
What I love about my students, they respond better when they hear it took me twelve years to get a four year degree. There are some people that say “Why do they come to your room? Why do they love you so much? Why do they want to be around you?” because they know I’m not perfect and I’ve failed just like they’ve failed but I’m committed.

TGIM Episode 4 Final Principle

TGIM Episode 4 UMass

The final one of TGIM Episode 4 I love it, “A Pledge.” The Pledge, the firefighters that went in they made a pledge. As firefighters they made a pledge that “This is what we do when there’s a fire, we go in. We save.” I just don’t want you to forget –look you don’t have to do “Eric said this and Eric said that” look that’s not important for you to necessarily embrace all of the concepts that I gave you but it is important to embrace the concepts you believe in.

That’s important, those things that you say that you believe in. I can honestly say I’m proud to say twenty years in a relationship, the only women I’ve ever been with in my life high school sweetheart and I’m proud to say that I’ve made a commitment and listen to me if anyone’s been married it’s not like my marriage has been perfect. I could’ve left many of times but at the end of the day I made the vow, I made the pledge, I was the one who said “In sickness and in health, in good times and bad” and these are the bad times right?

When people come to me and say “I wanna get a divorce” I just say “Remember what you said ‘in sickness and,” this is sickness right here. You said remember “in good times and bad” remember you said bad times? These are bad times, this is what bad times looks like –right here, you said it.

TGIM Episode 4 Commitment

So what I want you to do is the commitment you made to this university, the pledge you made to this university I want you to keep the pledge. Some of you as I conclude you’re old enough to remember a time where a man didn’t have to sign a contract. We’re at a place now when we say something we gotta sign like three or four documents because that’s the society we live in. But I remember being a kid, I remember my father used to do this (shakes hand) and when he shook your hand and you shook his hand, there was no paperwork involved. He made a commitment that if I said that I’ll be there at six, I’ll be there at six and we got to get back to that place that our word is bond and when we make a commitment we make a commitment to stick in the mutualism, that we benefit and the people benefit as well.

TGIM Episode 4 Conclusion

I thank you so much for your time and lets end this year off strong, lets beat Michigan and lets come back next year with a great year, thank you guys so much. The TGIM Episode 4 is great for people who are hesitant to make your dreams to become a reality, TGIM Episode 4 will allow you to dive into success like the fire fighters did without having the circumstances holding them back.

Thanks to those who watched TGIM Episode 4 by Eric Thomas.

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