TGIM Episode 3


Get ready for TGIM Episode 3. Top of the morning, it’s your boy E.T your motivator and inspirator. Listen to me I’m coming at you live and direct with TGIM Episode 3 (Thank God it’s Monday). You saying “Man its Monday again” listen to me remember what I told you last week, you gotta do me a favor say it “Thank God it’s Monday”. I got three points coming at you and I promise after you hear this today you’re going to be motivated, pumped up and inspired.

I want to thank my viewer out there “ktfife” you said it, you’re going to watch this every single day and it’s not only going to be TGIM Episode 3 but you said there’s gonna be TGIT, TGIW, TGIT and TGIF.

TGIM Episode 3

I was in an advising session with a student right, and man I wish you guys could’ve been there. As I listened to her talk, I thought to myself (these words need to be the inspiration for my Thank God it’s Monday, the third one) so here it goes guys.
So what we do in the advising session is we primarily go over all their tests, all their quizzes to see where exactly the student stands academically. Alright so as we were going over her stuff, I noticed that she had a sixty eight percent on one of her test. That’s right a sixty eight percent, now you know what a sixty eight percent is –that’s a D its failing. But as I was talking to the student she said to me “Mr Thomas before you go there, you gotta put it in perspective.”

That’s principle number one of TGIM Episode 3, you gotta put life in perspective. As I was talking to the student, what I realized is although she got a sixty eight on her test, she said when she went to her teacher she had the highest grade –that her sixty eight was the highest in the class and the next highest grade was a thirty eight percent. So you do the math, a sixty eight was actually an A and not a D alright because her teacher was grading her on the curve.

You’re saying to yourself “Man E, things could be so much better” you know what but in reality please keep life in perspective because things can be a whole lot worse. So instead of complaining do yourself a favor, start counting your blessings. That’s right, I mean for real start counting your blessings.
When you get down and out, you feel like life has dealt you a bad hand, I just want you to do yourself a favor and pull out your hand and start counting your blessings.
1. I’m alive
2. I have family
3. I got my health
4. If I can look up, I can get up
5. The best is yet to come

So please remember, life is just perspective man. That’s the main point of TGIM Episode 3.

TGIM Episode 3 Advice

TGIM Episode 3

You gotta catch number two of TGIM Episode 3 right? Hilarious, so I’m sitting with the student right and I begin to pull out my paperwork and I’m about to share with her math grade but before I could even open up my mouth you know what she said to me? “Don’t even talk about it”

That’s right; she told me E.T the motivator “Don’t even talk about it.” What she was saying was “look I’m not trying to be disrespectful but I already know I’m not doing well in math, my teacher has talked to me about it, I got a tutor and guess what? E.T the motivator, there is no way you can help me with this situation.”
So she said to me “Let’s not even talk about it” and I’m telling some of you out there right now the reason why you’re in the situation you’re in because you keep talking about negativity. You keep talking about stuff you can’t do anything about, so principle number two real short and real sweet “Don’t even talk about it” and you know what I’m going to throw a tip in with that, not only don’t talk about that but there’s some things you shouldn’t even listen to.

Negativity, there are things that people will come to you with that know you can’t change, there’s nothing you can do about it, don’t just “not talk about it” –don’t listen to it.

TGIM Episode 3 Working with Students

TGIM Episode 3 Principles

Man it’s amazing what you can learn when working with student’s right? So I was working with a student the other day and a young man in tears so I started to ask him you know “What’s the problem?” and he told me “Look man this thing is overwhelming, it’s overwhelming financially, it’s overwhelming –the course work is all overwhelming.”
You know what I shared with him? I shared with that student that it’s “Manageable.” That’s right it’s manageable, I want you to know no matter what you’re going through, no matter what the circumstances, no matter what the situation –it’s manageable, you can get through it. Not only can you get through it, I want you to know that from wherever you are, wherever you are you can get to wherever you need to get to from that same spot.

I want to share something with you; most of you guys know that I was homeless for two and a half years right? Homeless for two and a half years and a high school dropout but one day I just made up in my mind that I was not going to allow homelessness, I was not going to allow being a high school dropout, I was not doing to allow that to define who I was and so I said “You know what Eric, it’s manageable, it’s manageable but what you gotta do man” –some of you guys live seven days at a time, you live thirty days at a time and I had to say to myself “Eric you can do this but you know what you’re gonna have to do this one day at a time” that’s right, one day at a time.

So I started studying for my GED one day at a time and I went from a high school dropout to a college graduate to getting my masters and working on my PHD. I went from being homeless to being a homeowner, so I want you to know you can do it but you gotta break it up into pieces. That’s right, take your rent one month at a time, take your life one day at a time and I guarantee you that if you take it one day at a time you’ll see how manageable it is and one day you will look up and you can get up.

This is your boy E.T your motivator, your inspirator Thank God it’s Monday. TGIM Episode 3, I hope this is enough to get you through your Tuesday, Wednesday, your Thursday and I hope to hear you say on Friday “Thank God it’s Friday.” Once again it’s E.T your motivator, I’m out and I’ll see you next week. We hope you enjoyed TGIM Episode 3.

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