TGIM Episode 10


Here you are at TGIM Episode 10. Special shout out on this Memorial Day –listen to me, to all the fallen soldiers, to all our POW’s, for all our young men and women who were serving and more importantly I just want you to know that my prayers are with the families who lost a loved one you know fighting for this country, fighting for our rights and for our freedom. I just want you to know man we love you, we respect you, we thank each and every one of you. Those of you who cannot be at home right now because you’re helping defend this great country, parents happy Memorial Day. This is a special edition of TGIM Episode 10.

TGIM Episode 10

Yo welcome to another edition of TGIM, that’s right Thank God it’s Monday (TGIM Episode 10). It’s your boy E.T your motivator, your inspirator, look I wanna thank all of you out there man we got over four hundred hits in one week on Episode 9 “It’s your fault”, I wanna thank you and specifically to that individual who wrote and said “Look, E.T need to blow up so make sure you get it out to all your friends” mad love. Look I got a special edition for you today in TGIM Episode 10, this one goes out to that young man who called me and said “E.T listen to me, I’ve been taking your advice bro. I’ve been doing what you told me to do E.T but I’m still in the midst of a separation, my marriage ain’t getting no better and I’m going bankrupt in my business” listen to me, I’m talking to you today -I know I got other people listening, but I wanna inspire and encourage my man, you like “E I’m ready to give up, I’m ready to quit. I’ve been listening to you, I’ve been getting good advice from you but it ain’t working. I’m getting up at five o’clock in the morning, I’m having my devotion E I’m trying to treat my wife better E, I’m telling her make different decisions as it relates to my business E but it ain’t working.” I got one little small principle for you and that is “Trust the process”, you heard what I said trust the process alright?

So everybody out there watching TGIM Episode 10 if you just feel like giving up you know we’re like half way through the year, that’s right a hundred and eighty days plus into the year and you like “E the goals That I started with in January man they ain’t working. I said I was gonna lose thirty pounds –I ain’t lost no pounds E” listen to me, trust the process. You gotta hear what I’m telling you, you know who you’re talking to it’s your boy that took twelve years to get a four year degree but you gotta trust the process, you gotta keep going. So you’re saying “E you’re not getting it E, I’m waking up in the morning, I got a strong workout regimen right? I got a strong diet plan but I’m not losing the pounds” trust the process, don’t quit, don’t give up. You saying “E we’re doing marital counsel, I’m taking flowers to the job, I’m changing my thought process, I’m going to church more, I got myself a accountability partner and I’m trying to do this thing right, I’m trying to do my marriage right E. I’ve been doing it for week and weeks and weeks seeing it out and E nothing’s changing.” Listen to me very closely man you gotta hear me on this one, you gotta trust the process, don’t give up on the process. In TGIM Episode 10, one of the messages is to be persistent.

TGIM Episode 10 Eric Thomas

TGIM Episode 10

Alright I’m gonna give you a quick story in this TGIM Episode 10 lesson right because this is deep. This will kind of help me to get through when I was going through my go through. That’s right; you heard what I said, after four years when I didn’t graduate –still going to the graduations, the fifth year I’m going to the graduations I’m seeing friends graduating, it’s painful. I’m there the sixth year, that’s right I’m there the sixth year I still didn’t graduate. I’m there the seventh, the eighth, the ninth year, the tenth year, the eleventh year right? And finally on that twelfth year I graduated and I go mine but I had to trust the process.

Just take for instance you’re building this thirty story or this sixty story building alright? All construction workers know this; here’s the trick, the trick is the higher you go up, the deeper you have to go down. That’s right, the higher you go up in terms of a building, the deeper you have to go down in terms of the foundation. So what happens is long before I can start going thirty and sixty feet up, I gotta make sure that I go down further enough to build a foundation to support that high building, so what happens in the process is you’re going down first; you’re building a foundation first and so while they’re going down and they’re building downwards, it’s not like anything is not happening, something’s happening you just can’t see it but I promise you once that foundation is laid, once that foundation is set then you can begin to build on it and what happens sometimes is yep you are trying to do better by your wife, yep you are bringing flowers, yep you are –you know doing things that hadn’t done before, you’re doing it but what happens is because you hadn’t been doing it before now you gotta build a foundation. So your wife may not trust that you are who you say you are because of who you used to be and so you gotta trust the process, you gotta keep going. Yeah you’re studying, you’re staying up to one o’clock in the morning, yes you’re cutting the TV off, yes you got a study partner, yes you’re meeting with your professor, yes you’re studying before you take the test but you just started doing it. You weren’t a student four or five years ago, you just started a month ago and so you have to trust the process. You cannot abort ship half way in, you gotta trust the process and you gotta keep going when you don’t feel it, you say “Why?” why, because the process is proven. You heard what I said, the process is proven long before you started running, long before you start doing pushups, for those of you with the P90x watch this, long before you started doing it somebody else was doing and not only have they been doing it, they lost the thirty pounds, they lost the fifty pounds, they lost the hundred pounds why? Because they trust the process even when they didn’t see results, they didn’t give up, they didn’t quit because they trust the process.

TGIM Episode 10 Pain

TGIM Episode 10 Video

So I’m here to tell you today in TGIM Episode 10, you ain’t the only one to go bankrupt, Donald Trump has gone bankrupt two or three times right? But he didn’t quit, he didn’t give up why? Because he trusts the process, why? Because the process is proven.

So I’m here to tell you, you ain’t the first one going through stuff in your marriage, you’re not the first one going through counseling, you’re not the first one to sleep on the couch, you the first one that your wife don’t want to talk to you this has happened to other people before but guess what? They have a great marriage now because they trust the process because the process is proven.

TGIM Episode 10 Purification

TGIM Episode 10 Story

You gotta catch this one right, this gonna hurt a little bit, this is gonna hurt but the other thing is so important about the process because the process purifies you. That’s right, the process purifies you and I know that hurts, that brings a little bit of pain but the process is gonna weed out all those things in you that are not right and it’s gonna take time right? It’s gonna take time but the process purifies and so when it took me twelve years to get that degree what was happening was I was being purified. I was learning not to go to class but to be a student right, I was actually learning how to write, learning how to read and some of the things that I didn’t do when I was younger I was being purified alight? So some of the negativity was being cleansed and moved so I can get to that next level. So now E.T for the last fourteen fifteen years I get up at four or four thirty in the morning, yup being purified, yep I got to bed every night nine or nine thirty right? Being purified, some of the stuff I used to do that was not gonna help me get to the next level it had to get cut off but what happened was the process not me, people, not circumstances, not situations, the process purified me because over a period of time those things that were in me that were not going to help to get to the next level, they had to go.

TGIM Episode 10 Rewards

TGIM Episode 10 Purification

So listen to me, I encourage you, I’m letting you go, trust the process why because the process is proven long before you ever did it millions of people have done it and they have received the rewards from doing it and then finally trust the process because it purifies, it gets out all the imperfections, it gets out all the stuff that is not necessary or beneficial to help you to get to the next level. Once again this is your boy E.T with another TGIM, thank God it’s Monday and remember more people die on Monday then on Friday so don’t stress yourself out. Remember you’re not a victim, you are a victor and if you can look up, you can get up. Be blessed.

We hope you enjoyed TGIM Episode 10.

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