TGIM Episode 1


Welcome to the start of TGIM Episode 1. I had this idea right, because every Friday when I come to work everybody’s pumped up full of energy, motivated, excited right? Because it’s Friday; they get to spend money, they get to rest, and they get to party right? But then when I come to work on Monday it seems like everybody’s energy is drained, everybody is down, everybody’s out. So I start asking people “What’s going on?” and they say “It’s Monday” and I’m like “you outta be excited it’s Monday!”

TGIM Episode 1

Instead of doing TGIF (Thank God It’s Friday), I’m gonna do TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday) alright because this is how I see it, Friday is the end of the week so you spend money right? You spend all your money but you can’t spend money if you’re not making money right? You gotta make money to spend money.
So what I’m going to do is that every Monday, I’m coming to you live and direct and I’m gonna motivate you and pump you up and get you ready for the week. So stay tuned every single Monday it’s going down it’s your boy E.T your motivator and your life coach and I’m coming at you with three powerful messages that’s going to change your Monday’s and your weeks –your work weeks for the rest of your lives.

Listen to me and I mean this; Number one of TGIM Episode 1, when you come to work Monday morning you gotta see your job differently, you really have to see your job as a blessing. Now if you know something I don’t know, nobody hijacked you, nobody put you in handcuffs, nobody forced you to be here alright? You filled out a job application; you probably had an interview process right? And you accepted the job.
So you gotta see the job as a blessing, there are a lot of people who wish that they could be in your shoes.

TGIM Episode 1: Count your blessings

TGIM Episode 1

You know, right now in America our unemployment rate is at an all-time high so if you have a job, that’s probably a blessing. So I need you to do yourself a favor for real, I want you to see your job differently because if you could see it differently –if you could see it in a positive way and not a negative way I guarantee you man there’s something about seeing things in a positive way that just brings life, remember a negative plus a negative is only positive in math –not in the real world.
So I need you to stop being negative and start being positive.

Number two of TGIM Episode 1, I’m going to need you to throw away your toys r us kids card, that’s right I once heard a Wiseman say “When I was a child I spoke as a child, I understood as a child and I behaved as a child” do yourself a favor; stop whining, stop murmuring, stop complaining and start giving.
That’s right give a hundred and twenty percent and I guarantee you if you see what you need you’ll have it. Instead of looking for a blessing, be a blessing.

TGIM Episode 1 Principles

TGIM Episode 1 Eric Thomas

The final one from TGIM Episode 1 is when you come to work on Monday morning, if you don’t like what your boss is doing, if you don’t like your colleagues –matter of fact if you just don’t like your job anymore stop expecting change, stop looking for change and be the change. That’s right, be the change that you want to see; if you don’t like the fact that your colleagues are negative -then you be positive.
If you’re expecting praise from your boss and you’re not getting it –then give it. Look do yourself a favor; come to work with a greeting card, take your colleagues out to lunch, stop looking for change, stop expecting change and be the change.

Don’t forget TGIM (Thank God It’s Monday), you gotta get up, get out and do something. It’s your boy E.T, have a great Monday and a great week and I’ll see you next Monday.

We hope you enjoyed the TGIM Episode 1 by Eric Thomas.

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