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Find out motivational books and authors in this TGIM Bonus Episode. Welcome to another edition of TGIM, that’s right coming at you live and direct once again it’s your boy E.T the motivator, your personal life coach and inspirator. Listen to me I have something very, very important for you and I know I’m usually standing up, a lot of energy but I’m a little laid back today in this TGIM Bonus Episode because what I want to do for you today is really give you the secret to E.T’s success. Once in a while when I’m doing consulting work and we get to the question and answer portion, you know people ask me “For real E, what is the secret to your success?” and I know I give you a lot of principles but today I want to share with you the secret to success in this TGIM Bonus Episode.

TGIM Bonus Episode

TGIM Bonus Episode

Alright, you heard me allude to you before but I’m gonna be very specific today that information changes situation. My mother used to always say “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over expecting different results.” When I was a high school dropout you know, when I was homeless when I was not operating at the level of success I operate today I’m gonna tell you the thing that I did not do and I already alluded it to you when I was a high school dropout I did not read and I’ll never forget my teacher’s class used to have “Readers are leaders” right? And I didn’t pay attention to it but I want you to know today that the secret to success is reading -that information really changes situations. This is the key lessons from TGIM Bonus Episode that you should take note of.

TGIM Bonus Episode Plan of Action

Let me give you an example as I start the TGIM Bonus Episode, I was at the university of Cincinnati speaking, as a matter of fact I introduced one of my favorite authors dr. Naeem Akbar. Alright, and before I introduced him I had actually read his books right? Was you know, was speeding up on the works of this great psychologist but then after I finished speaking right, the crowd clapping –there was about 1800 people there, clapping, excited. Afterwards I met a gentleman in the lobby, as a matter of fact two guys; Rodney Patterson and Murray Edwards, and these guys gave me there cards and Murray called me and said “I’m doing a conference and I’d love to have you come” alright? At that time I was probably making about $500 dollars a speech, only $500 and I read somewhere that when somebody calls you and asks you to speak, you never negotiate then, you say “I’ll call you back in twenty four hours” why? Because you wanna be deep right, I knew I didn’t have any engagements, he asked me if I was available to speak, what my schedule was like, I was like “I gotta get with my agent and check my schedule and I’ll get back with you” information changes situations.

TGIM Bonus Episode Motivational Books

Twenty four hours exactly to the minute, I picked up that phone and I called Murray, it was bad because I knew I didn’t have a speaking engagement right? And he asked me how much I charge, I said “I usually charge $2,000” he said “I can’t give you two but I can give you $1800” had I spoke to him the day of I would only say $500 but I learned from reading that there’s a negotiation style, you have to learn to negotiate your price. So that’s one small example of what I mean when I say that information changes situations.

TGIM Bonus Episode Read a Book

TGIM Bonus Episode Brother West

So principle number from The Outliers, in chapter two man, Malcolm Gladwell says that talent is not enough, that sheer talent alone will never take you to the next level. What he says is “Talent plus time, talent plus preparation equals greatness” as a matter of fact if you read his book, you can go to page 41 and he talks about at the end that you have to put in 10,000 hours. He says that “Every great hockey player, every great musician” even he says ”up until Mozart, the greatest musician prodigy of all time couldn’t hit his stride till he reached 10,000 hours in practice.” So that’s my first principle guys, you gotta catch it, that’s where my principles come from –they come from reading that talent alone is not enough. You’re saying “Eric why haven’t I reached that next level?” You probably haven’t put in 10,000 hours and I got another secret for you, Michael Jackson the other great, they didn’t start when they were adults, they got in 10,000 hours because they started when they were young. So when you’re watching this TGIM and you’re saying “I’m not where I want to be in life, I have not reached my goals, I have not accomplished the destiny that I know that was set out for me” may I remind you that you might only be at 8,000 hours, you might only be at 9,000 hours and so what you need to do again I know you don’t want to hear it, cut the TV off and get to the 10,000 hours, cut the video games out and get to the 10,000 hours as a matter of fact cut out the excess sleep –you’re sleeping too much cut it out, cut it out and get to your 10,000 hours. TGIM Bonus Episode lesson is to stop wasting your time sleeping and more time reading.

TGIM Bonus Episode Motivational Authors

TGIM Bonus Episode Motivational Authors

Alright my second principle in this TGIM Bonus Episode comes from my man 50 grand one of the greatest writers right now in contribute to leadership and that’s John C Maxwell. I read this book maybe seven or eight years ago and it’s the twenty one most important minutes in a leader’s day. One of the things I learned is that you have to fail forward. That’s right it’s one thing to fail, it’s another thing to fail forward. He said as number one “You have to be big enough to admit your mistakes” alright, number two “You have to be smart enough to profit from them” and the most important I think, is the final one “You have to be strong enough to correct them” he said “Knowing your error is essential to correcting mistakes but if you can’t implement the necessary changes on your life, you won’t be able to improve yourself or your situations.” So my second principle in this TGIM Bonus Episode is listen to me, reading is critical, information changes situations and if you don’t want to continue to repeat the same errors you gotta get different information in, bad information in, bad information out, good information in, good information out, great information in, great information out.

TGIM Bonus Episode Motivational Books

TGIM Bonus Episode Eric Thomas

My last book listed in this TGIM Bonus Episode, brother West one of my greatest inspirations Cornel West, this is his new book “Living and Loving Outloud” let me tell you what I love about this book, everything alright. Cornel is a scholar, a black intellect and so I love it, you gotta get it, again “Living and Loving Outloud.” So do yourself a favor, I got four quick things, I’m gonna let you go number one; read, this summer I want you to dedicate yourself, give yourself time and I need you to accomplish at least three books. That’s what I said, this summer I need you to read at least three books, so do yourself a favor write it down, these are the three books you can use my three “John C Maxwell, Malcolm Gladwell ‘The Outliers’ and again Cornel has a million and one books you can read.” Number two I need you to go to the conference this year, I need you to go to one conference this year –very critical alright? If you wanna change your situation, you gotta get in new information alright. I recommend John C Maxwell; he got some very powerful, powerful conferences on leadership and just improvements in life period. Another thing I want to encourage you to do if you don’t like to read, get the audiobook. That’s right one your ipod, your MP3 player, for those of you who still for whatever reason you have tape cassettes or you have CD’s in your car please if you don’t like to read but you’re still need to get the information in, I need you to do yourself a favor and get the book online.

Final one from the TGIM Bonus Episode, an accountability partner alright, not only do you need to read the books it’s very important to have somebody that you can sit down with and dialogue, discuss the book alright? That’s very important, so once again it’s your homie ET the motivator, inspirator and your life coach, thanks for tuning in to another Thank God it’s Monday, I’ll see you Monday and remember that readers are achievers and readers are leaders, so do yourself a favor pick up a book because information changes situations.

Hey I want to give a special shoutout to Myron Edmonds, Pastor Myron Edmonds thank you so much man thank you for telling me the book, you my man 50 grand Myron Edmonds The Outliers.

This was a quality list of motivational books and authors in this TGIM Bonus Episode.

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  1. Interesting review. I don’t know how or why but I msesid some of the high points of the episode. I’m glad I watched this review to help me clear up some confusion. You guys are the best. As for the books, I’ve read them and I don’t think Astor’s falling down that path, it would be nice to see but we sort of got that storyline with Miguel last season. Plus, it wouldn’t feel right if Cody wasn’t in on it too. as to who Trinity might be targeting next, I’d have to say he’s going for Dexter or Lundy. Both are great candidates but I think Trinity would have killed Lundy years ago when they first starting this thing. No where does it say that Lundy has met the guy and we don’t get previews of them meeting up. All signs point to Dexter for this one. I just thought of it but I think LaGuerta and Angel were both about to be those characters that have no family or social life, well other than hanging out with Vince, but anyway, they have no family and they were becoming lone wolves so I think the writer’s wrote them in a relationship so we wouldn’t single them out.

  2. My friend and I went camping the other day. It was a horrific experience, as he wouldn’t let me sleep all night. He kept talking about random things and whined about his insomnia. I totally told him to Contact and deal with it.

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