Success Quotes: Frank Kern

It isn’t hard to find some good Success Quotes from the online marketing genius Frank Kern. Write down every possible action you could take to start making money immediately. Do whatever actions jump out at you. Don’t over think this. Just do it. Life is short.

With “educated effort”, you can do anything you want.

Your square friends will almost certainly judge you and talk behind your back about what a fool you are for trying to make money on the Internet.

One of Franks best Success Quotes: YOU are the only person who can take you where you want to go. There is no Guru, teacher, mentor, author, speaker, shaman, or whatever who can or will do that for you.Ever.

Imagine a guy wanting to lose weight (ahem). How many books does he need to buy? For the love of God, it’s easy! Put the fork down and walk around for a few hours a day.

The real secret to success is to get out there and work like hell.

Success Quotes From Frank

Success Quotes Frank Kern

Just like the champion boxer, you gotta get up and step back into the ring. If you do that enough times, you’ll be tough as a pit bull and you’ll start winning.

if you’re willing to endure the short-term discomfort that stems from stepping outside your comfort zone and actually working like crazy for a while, you’ll get to where you want to go.

Success Quotes From Others

Success Quotes Jeff Paul

How To Make $4,000 Per Day From Your Kitchen Table While Sitting In Your Underwear – Jeff Paul—”This is my favorite business book, because it introduced me to the power of direct-response marketing. It is an excellent example of how to get people to raise their hands and essentially say, ‘Yes! I’m interested in what you’re offering, and I’d love to receive ads from you.’

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