Tupac’s Words of Wisdom

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Tupac’s Words of Wisdom

God has cursed me to see what life should be like. If god wanted me to be this person and be happy here, he wouldn’t have let me feel so oppressed, he wouldn’t let me feel so trampled on.

I gotta do more than what the average man would do, I got to set a mark that can’t nobody touch and when I set that mark I’m gonna make it. It’s no place that I won’t go and I feel as though if you got love and you’re putting out real stuff then you can do that.

Tupac Words of Wisdom

If you’re kicking that stuff from your heart, you can go anywhere your heart wants you to go. But if you’re kicking it for them white folks office, the white folks are going to have to bring you through the hood.

Tupac’s Words of Wisdom Final Thoughts

Practice makes perfect, you have to be diligent about what you want, you have to apply yourself, you have to motivate yourself, you have to do it for self by yourself, and then you can do things for other people.

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