Damon Dash is Ready To Make A Billion

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Dame Dash Make a Billion

Getting down to business, how much business did Rocafella records do last year? We average between 50 and a 100 million a year. Rocafella films last year? I would say about fifty or a hundred maybe you know with the video, domestic. Rocawear clothes? Rocawear did about a hundred and some change. I think this year we’ll do about 300 million.

You don’t even smile when you spat out those numbers.
Like I said, it’s all relative you know I want to be a billion dollar company.

Dame Dash Make a Billion By Hustling?

Dame Dash Make a Billion

People say that the success of Rocafella comes from a hustler’s mentality, would you except that or argue with that? Yeah, entrepreneurial, hustlers say it how you want to say it. It’s just that hunger to make money and make your situation better.

Different Culture Different Words.
Just different words. Entrepreneur is slang for hustler and hustler is slang for entrepreneur, it just depends on where you’re at.

Damon Dash Make A Billion Credits: Mycomeup

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