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The Williams brothers started out in New Orleans, selling albums on the street. Take me back to that time frame, when you were independent and you were just trying to really establish yourself as a label, how many units were you selling? It varies because we put out albums every month so some might do 30 some might do 100 or some might do 50 -when you say “30″ you mean 30,000? yes 30,000, 50,000, 100,000 independently. We was getting maybe $8-9 a record so in a months time or maybe 2 months time, we generated almost 2 million dollars that just was spreading. We’re living the dream, I’m 22-23 years old with 40-50 million dollars

Birdman The Bling King

Birdman Bling King

You got to be a “Hustler” to be any type of a 5 star. It could be sports, entertainment; whatever you do you gotta be a hustler at it. I just keep cash on me, it’s like a habit, like I just can’t –I like the look of a hundred and honestly like my house, I got a hundred stacks on the floor and I walk on that. I might have about a mill in the wall, that’s just how I am. I pay taxes on it too so don’t come messing with me.

Birdman The Bling King Advice

Birdman Bling King Album

You have to always be grounded and to be the best you have to have the best ethics and put God first in whatever you do, that’s just my philosophy I highly believe in God. To be successful, you have to have successful ethics. If you don’t practice, you can’t be perfect -practice makes perfect and if you want to be what Wayne is and all these other cats like Tupac and Biggie, you have to be in the Lab and that’s something that I was firm with and that was something I was teaching them when they’re young “Stay in the Studio” and Jr. took that method and that’s why he’s the best at what he do and you can hear that his craft is perfected.

Birdman The Bling King Credits: Mycomeup

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