Anthony Robbins: Reaching Your Goals

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Anthony Robbins Reaching Your Goals Seminar. What’s my outcome? And then why do I want this? Because any person successful -really successful knows exactly what they want and they know why. The reason why you gotta know why is remember I said yesterday “Reasons comes first, answers come second” If you get enough reasons you can get a big enough “Why” and you can figure out how to do about anything but you gotta have PURPOSE because purpose provides drive.

Reaching Your Goals: Action

Reaching Your Goals Anthony Robbins

Now if you know what you want and you know why, you’re light years ahead of most of the population but you gotta go to the step where most people seem to avoid, and that is you have to take massive action. The keyword here is “Massive”, massive action can be a cure all win, you know what you’re after and why you want it. Because when you know what you’re after and when you take action, you won’t be expending energy; you’ll be moving yourself in a direction towards something you really want.

Reaching Your Goals: Fear

What stops people from taking action? Primarily what? Fear
What do you think is the number one fear that most people have? Failure, and the reason is if they fail they won’t be loved, they’ll be rejected, they’ll be hurt, they’ll be judged, so what they are really afraid of is losing love and they think that this failure will lead to rejection or loss of love. The truth of the matter is, you won’t fail unless you don’t try. If you try something that doesn’t work, you just learn from it and you get better the next time you go about it.

Anthony Robbins Reaching Your Goals.

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