50 cent: Reason to Motivate

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My little boy –he’s 12 right…Everybody knows that he’s the reason that I’m successful. My son is my motivation; he’s the reason why I changed directions. I was in the streets to actually writing music fulltime.

Reason to Motivate

Reason To Motivate 50 Cent

When I started to write music I went cold turkey, I totally stopped what I was doing in the streets. It was a time where I didn’t have anything because the things I have acquired when I was hustling, it kind of went away, I had to get rid of it in order to have enough to stay afloat. Things don’t happen when you want them to happen all the time, things happen when it’s supposed to happen, when God has it planned for you to actually be successful. You have to be persistent and consistent and work until it actually works.

Reason to Motivate: 50 Cent’s Advice

I didn’t have a plan B, it absolutely has to work and I stayed focused and made it happen.

50 cent’s Reason to Motivate Credits: Mycomeup

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